Mobile Point of Selective Collection of Municipal Waste (MPSZOK) is a special vehicle adapted to the collection of selected fractions of municipal waste, which shuttles according to the schedule for a given calendar year in a given commune. Waste can be delivered to MPSZOK by residents of the City of Poznań and residents of municipalities covered by the operational area of Związek Międzygminny "Gospodarka Odpadami Aglomeracji Poznańskiej" (Poznań Agglomeration Waste Management Association). Giving the municipal waste away to MPSZOK is free of charge.

MPSZOK accepts:

  • waste electrical and electronic equipment
  • batteries and accumulators
  • expired medicines from households (can also be delivered free of charge to pharmacies)
  • waste came from home injections (used needles, syringes)
  • paints, solvents, acids, alkalis, inks, printing inks, adhesives, binders, resins, detergents, detergents containing hazardous substances, photographic reagents, pesticides of the 1st and 2nd class of toxicity, fluorescent lamps and other mercury-containing waste, devices containing freons.

MPSZOK does not accept:

  • Materials containing asbestos;
  • Waste in amount indicating that it comes from business activities - any waste in bulk (in barrels, bags, boxes containing several bottles of the same waste - capacity over 20 liters per unit packaging);
  • Unlabeled waste, without the possibility of reliable identification (no labels), waste, the collection of which may violate the ADR rules (international agreement on road transport of goods incl. dangerous goods);
  • Waste in leaking packaging and waste not included in the collection information;
  • All waste indicating a non-household source (e.g. chemicals not typical for housework: acids, bases, chemical salts, chemical reagents, except fixatives and photographic developers) - especially in large amounts;
  • Bulky waste;
  • Construction waste;
  • Tires;
  • Biodegradable waste;
  • Mixed municipal waste;
  • Paper, glass, plastics.

It should be remembered that waste that requires packaging must be placed in sealed, i.e. non-leaky and undamaged packaging and it must have original information (label) to make the waste identification possible at the time of transfer.

Warning! The company's employee has the right to refuse to accept the waste, if it would be against the law and could pose a threat to human health or life.