Biocomposting plant - the installation for the recovery of biodegradable waste

The installation for the recovery of biodegradable waste is located on the northern suburbs of Poznań next to the municipal waste landfill of the city of Poznań in Suchy Las.

It is a key element (along with the Municipal Waste Thermal Conversion Installation) of the system that helps meet the obligation to recycle biodegradable waste.

It is a technical base providing the processing in the fermentation and composting process of selectively collected biodegradable waste, i.e. green waste from the  green areas, gardens and parks, and kitchen waste.


The use of modern technology contributes to meeting the environmental protection standards in Region II. In addition, the technology allows for a high level of energy recovery from waste and the recycling of organic matter in a three-stage processing process. Besides, the processing of selectively collected biodegradable waste with the simultaneous acquisition of biogas allows to reduce the emission of methane and other greenhouse gases to the environment. The neutralization of biogas by combustion in power generators reduces the emission of sulfur dioxide and the emission of nitrogen oxides.

The technological processes taking place in the Installation are conducted in a closed hall. The fermentation and composting process takes place in closed, sealed chambers. In addition, the technological hall is equipped with a module for cleaning the air sucked in from inside the building, as a mechanical ventilation system directing the air to a two-stage cleaning process. After the composting process is completed, the finished product is subject to maturation, storage and packaging under the shelter.

Biodegradable waste, selectively collected by the inhabitants of the Poznań Agglomeration, is converted into electricity and heat as well as compost.

The investment was co-financed by the EU funds of the Operational Program "Infrastructure and Environment 2007-2013". Additional funds for the implementation of the investment included a loan from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and a loan from the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Poznań.

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