Waste landfill

The waste landfill in Suchy Las is defined as a landfill for non-hazardous and inert waste. The landfill is located within the administrative boundaries of the Suchy Las  commune and the city of Poznań.

Since 2016, the Municipal Waste Thermal Treatment Plant (ITPOK Incineration Plant) has been operating in Poznań, which, together with the change in the regulations on municipal waste management, contributed to the cessation of the storage of mixed municipal waste produced in households. Currently, the landfill recieves mixed construction waste, street and yard cleaning waste, and other waste not containing hazardous substances.

The total area of the land intended for the landfill is 57 ha.

The landfill facilities include:

  1. Waste storage quarters and reclaimed quarters
    • unused and reclaimed landfill quarters (P-1, P-2)
    • under reclamation (P-3)
    • closed (S-1)
    • during exploitation (S-2A)
    • planned (S-2B)
  2. Control room building with a set of electronic scales.
  3. Office, social and workshop facilities
  4. Complex of facilities for degassing installations and energy and heat production - biogas heat and power plant with accompanying infrastructure
  5. Complex of facilities for purification of landfill leachate water with reservoirs and accompanying infrastructure
  6. Educational path
  7. Selective Collection of Municipal Waste point
  8. Yard for storing and dismantling bulky waste
  9. Automatic washing machine for wheels and car chassis

Additionally, in the immediate vicinity of the landfill, there is an installation for the recovery of biodegradable waste - Biocomposting Plant.